Trading Fears

Trading is not an easy task. Many of us are not successful in stock market. Not many are interested to invest in stocks just because they fear to lose. Remember no is able to achieve 100% success in investments. Fear is one of the things that let you lose more and more money. Read on […]

How to Make Money in Stock Market

Investing is the most attractive profession these days. Many consider it as gambling. Some say its money making environment. For people who know in and out about stock market its a profession. Investing in stock market is not that easy. Wanna be a successful trader first be a learner rather than a speculator. Most of […]

Investing Psychology Traps

People think that investing in stock market is a numbers game. Yes its a numbers game but it will have a huge impact on your pockets. Some might lose or win this number game. Psychology is one of the most dangerous thing that every trader posses. It make you win worst scenarios or  lose simple […]

Investment Tips

Starting of in stock market is not that easy.One need to understand that stock investing is tricky.Investors need to understand terms, set goals for themselves, complete analysis of market, trading style and etc.Investors has to perform self analysis and keep emotions in check.In this article we’ll explain tricks that help new trader to analyze might […]

Top Reasons why Sensex is down

Of late Indian stock markets are not doing great. Bear trend of the Sensex and nifty is going on for weeks now. There are different reasons for  Sensex and nifty performance. There are different signs of bear market. Read on to know the top reasons why Sensex is down. As of now in Mondays trade […]

Stocks in Focus Today

Equity market is one of the best place to invest money and get good returns. Equity market is very much volatile thus gives lot of investment opportunities. Equity market include shares from different sectors that include banks, Pharma companies, infrastructure companies, industrial companies etc. In this post we will stocks in focus today. Stocks in […]

Mistakes to avoid while Investing

Education is the most important part of trading. Every investor should learn trading strategies, fundamental and technical analysis. Market volatility gives sleepless nights for many investors who don’t know what is happening in stock market. Learn the stuff to know what is happening and avoid mistakes to stay in profit. Read on to know the […]

Golden Rules for Trading

Stock market is one of the best place to invest and earn profits. Many traders follow different strategies that suits their style of trading. You won’t find any shortcuts for success in stock market. Many experts gathered some best rules that worked for many of the traders. Read on to know golden rules for trading. […]

Stocks in Focus Today

Nifty and sensex are doing good at stock market. Despite the correction in Chinese market both the Indian markets are doing superbly. Indian markets  the Nifty which closed at 8,524, up 70 points on Wednesday is seen facing a strong support at the 8,350 level. Major earnings are likely to be the guide path for equities […]

Hot Stock in Focus Today

Despite market crisis in China and Greece Indian stock market are doing good. Sensex and Nifty are rallying at 215 and 50 points respectively. There companies that are doing great at stock market. Let’s see the hot stock in focus today. Hot Stock in Focus Today Today sensex and nifty has  performed today with both […]